EFT for Phobias & Trauma Memories

EFT Tapping can work remarkably well for simple phobias and traumatic memories.  

With EFT Tapping, you will learn to safely tune into your sensations that causes you the suffering.....  while we Tap.

The Tapping action causes your nervous system to calm down.  In effect, the habitual response that you typically get, by connecting to triggers, are now over-ridden by a more calming response.

This is a deceptively simple application.


When I told Mitsuko that I hadn’t tried acupuncture yet due to a mild fear of needles, she caught me off guard by asking if I wanted to try “tapping” through it. I had read about EFT before, but had never actually tried it and had no idea where to start. Mitsuko guided me gently and compassionately through a light tapping session on the spot. I had never put much thought into my anxiety about needles or where it came from, but through this impromptu tapping lesson, I discovered the probable cause for my fear and took steps toward putting it to rest. It felt like a weight being lifted off of me, and I could feel the tension leaving my body as we tapped and talked and worked through the issue. I count myself lucky to have “accidentally” learned about tapping from such a caring, warm lightworker like Mitsuko. - Katherine
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